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La Flauta de la Paz
La Flauta de la Paz

"Apadrina a un niño para que pueda comenzar a estudiar flauta" Programa Educativo Global
La Flauta de la Paz
La Flauta de la Paz

"Apadrina a un niño para que pueda comenzar a estudiar flauta" Programa Educativo Global

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Join Pabloji and Love the World Foundation in this global education  programme aimed at supporting children from hard backgrounds by enabling them to study a world flute. If you are a flute teacher your help will be sharing starting classes. Instead, if you are part of an institution or and individual wishing to join you can always help by cooperating with fund in order to get new instruments for the children. Together we can make thousands of children become bearers of peace in this world. More info:
Festival promoting the interpretation of world flutes through a full connection to the present moment. According to this vision, each instrument is a link between what we call inside and outside. The audible message and its moments of silence, pervaded by the contact with reality, become messengers of peace and brotherhood. Based on this premise the Foundation decides to organise the First World Flutes Festival in Mendoza, Argentina.
This Festival, of international reach, will invite great representatives from different regions of the world. Each Master will bring a wealth of valuable information through concerts, master classes, workshops, debates and expositions. 


· To carry out the making of an artistic-educational event of international level with the possibility of annual repetition frequency.

· To link music together with activities regarding the preservation of environment, the rights of living beings and world peace.

· To explore the relationship amongst the instrument, the body and the thinking process.

· To inform music students and general audience about the diverse styles reached by the numerous world flutes.

· To show the features of each instrument. This being carried out by specialists from the instruments' places of origin. 

· To bring together those having recently started their knowledge of an instrument with those having a greater experience (performers, teachers, makers, etc.)

· To create spaces of learning and materials exchange (books, recordings, ideas).

· To train teachers of elementary schools in order to pass this knowledge on in their schools.

· To help the spread of instrument makers' investigations on the diverse world flutes.

· To help instrument makers meet the needs of flute players.

· To promote cultural exchange between local and foreign musicians and artists.

World Flutes Festival
Mendoza, Argentina

General Coordinator:   Pablo Salcedo.


Musicians, investigators, teachers and instrument makers.

University students, professors and graduates.

EGB and polimodal Music Teachers.

Non-governmental organizations related to cultural, humanitarian, environmental and social purposes.

General audience and visitors from other provinces of Argentina and from abroad.

Festival's length: 40 attending hours.